Our Purpose

Changing lives by providing families healthier food products without refined, added sugar to help reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Birch Xylitol

Our Xylitol is proudly sourced from 100% North American Birch hardwood, not the imported corn-based product that is filling shelves today. Our product has the exact same sweetness as sugar with 40% less calories – and it doesn’t promote tooth decay or spike insulin levels.

3 Sizes available:

  • - 1lb / 454g stand-up pouch
  • - 2lbs / 908g stand-up pouch
  • - 100 count individual packets


Erythritol is nature’s calorie-free, zero-carb sweetener. Our product is 100% pure with no added fillers like the others. It looks and bakes like sugar but is only 70% as sweet, has no bad aftertaste and is zero on the glycemic index – making it a favorite for Keto-tarians!

Size available:

  • - 1lb / 454g stand-up pouch

Where to Buy:

Available at these fine retailers and more